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Hi! You can call me Meg!  I grew up in rural Troy, North Carolina and after obtaining my degree in Early Child Development from Appalachian State University (GO APP!) I returned to my roots to teach PreKindergarten. I love my job, and I love children! They keep life fresh and new and exciting, and it astounds me every day to see how much they can learn in such a short amount of time!  I live outside of the small town of Robbins, NC with my husband and daughter, and our two dogs.

It’s working with young children that has given me the appreciation for life’s beauty. I try to see life as children do, and try to capture it as they see it. It’s those tiny moments in life that bring the most joy; the smile on a child’s face as they see a bubble float towards the sky, the tender touch of a mother as she kisses her sweet baby, and the curl of a daddy’s smile as he carries his little girl on his shoulders. Those are the moments that life is made of and these are the moments I want to capture for you!


Image courtesy of Gina Allen Photography